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September 2017

Summer Reading Challenge Totals

Here are the final counts for the Summer Reading Challenge 2017

Total of Children who registered – 194

Total of Children who completed with us – 107

Children who may have completed elsewhere – 84

Thank you to all of you who helped out with what was a very busy time over the summer holidays. We had far more children register with us this year than we had last year. There is also a high chance of one of the Burbage schools being the top school to finish in the area – I will let you know when I here as the hub will be letting me know. Carole


September 2017 100 Club

1st prize – No. 27 – Jane Parry
2nd prize – No 46 – Frank Rowbotham
3rd prize – No 2 – Angela Nollett

Drawn by Sue Warr in the presence of Jane Dillon, member of BCL

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